Clean is Cool!


Clean is Cool!

Petal Incorporated is proud to introduce the worlds first smart waste bin that incorporates our patented anti-decomposition technology. This sleek, simple and smart waste bin detects organic chemicals found in decay, and actively adjusts the bin's internal environment. We initiate a process of temperature variation, dehydration and sublimation that is tailored to minimize decomposition while maximizing efficiency. This means the elimination of smells for the minimal amount of energy. This life changing smart waste bin is ideal for diapers and compost.


We designed the cülie for ease of use, whether you are preparing a meal or changing a diaper. The removable bin and dampened pedal make using the cülie a breeze.


...or anywhere else. Your green bin, whether on the counter or under the sink, holds rotting food scraps that generate foul odors and garbage juices — Stop these nuisances before they start with our anti-decomposition technology.


The cülie emulates the design of a common waste bin...but dont be fooled! The cülie is the smartest and most efficient appliance in the home. Eliminate smells and track your waste with the cülie!

Clean is Cool!




    Removable bin that accepts standard grocery bags



    Digital temperature control and automatic environmental control



    The sleek design will blend right into your home.



    Efficient, practical and safe for the home or office

Clean is Cool!


Perfect for Kitchen Waste

Eliminates kitchen odors by actively halting the natural decomposition process

Eliminates Soiled Diaper Odors

The only 100% effective solution to the stinky diaper problem.

Sleek on the Outside, Rugged on the Inside

Industrial level ruggedness for exceptional reliability.

Simple Temperature Control Settings

if you prefer to adjust how efficient you would like the cülie to be.

Hands Free Operation

Never worry about buttons, locks, or dirtying the cülie. It's smart so you don't have to be!

Removable, Dishwasher-Safe Bin

Take the bin to your working surface. Uses standard grocery bags.

Party in the Front, Business in the Back

Front and back view of the cülie


The cülie makes composting so easy, that there really is no excuse not to.

Perfect for Soiled Diapers

Would you believe that this bin full of soiled diapers does not smell?


Engineering Perfection. Patent Pending.


Two years and four design iterations of the cülie


Two years and four design iterations of the cülie

Clean is Cool!


Brian Petz

CEO & Co-Founder

Has a M.A.Sc. in aerospace engineering from Ryerson University and worked for 5 years as a production engineer manufacturing gas turbine engines. In June 2015, Brian made the tough choice to leave the security of a full-time job to become an entrepreneur. Brian conceived of the cülie after storing his 7L kitchen bin in the freezer portion of his refrigerator and finding that while it eliminated all of the smells, juices, and pests, it was a nuisance to use. Brian specializes in mechanical design and manufacturing with an eye for innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Primoz Cresnik

COO & Co-Founder

Has a M.A.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto and worked as an engineering specialist for over 13 years until recently diving into entrepreneurship full-time. Primoz’s role was to design and set up complex research projects and design and build experiments to train undergraduate students in control systems, avionics, and space systems. Primoz is responsible for the control and electrical design of the cülie. He has a certificate in project management and a passion for economics and philosophy.

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